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my 6 month check-in - suffocate me all you need
May 2009
5/24/09 10:48 pm
my 6 month check-in

for the record - the right guy won idol.  discussion is over.

i really hate how i never have anything interesting to say . . . i feel with six months between our visits, i should have something more important to say than my usual blabbering.  speaking of blabber (of blubber, should i say) i have lost about 25 lbs.  now i'm only about 40 lbs. from the weight i was in this pic.  GEEZ.  the stuff can't come off fast enough. 

something different from my last post is the fact cameron and i got a puppy!  she's a german shorthair pointer, named Pepper, and chosen to be cam's secret weapon when he goes bird hunting.  she's almost 7 months and seems to be getting bigger by the day.  the only thing i'm not particularly happy with is the fact we keep her outside; all i've ever had is inside dogs for the past 15 years . . . it kills me when it's storming outside and she's subject to downpours.  but, i understand why she stays outside - she's a hunting dog, after all.  cam and i know if she was inside, i'd spoil her rotten.  and, we all know, the only piece of clothing a hunting dog should wear is a bright orange vest.  didn't stop me from putting her in argyle sweaters when she was a pup  :)

in my last post i had declared much hope in renovating the house at lightening speed.  yeah, well, not so much.  the winter was a cold one and most of the work needing to be done was outside items, so it was only recently we picked back up on the renovation.  so far we've installed two new entry doors and a patio door, fixed some sheetrock in the living room, and completely torn down two walls.  it's looking so great!  we're hoping to be in by the end of the summer/early fall. and, should we be blessed enough to buy the house by november, we'll qualify for the $8000 tax credit.  yippee! 

uhm . . . let's see what else.  a few of my friends have welcomed babies into the world!  another is prego.  and my friends kristin and brenden unfortunately had their baby boy (Andrew Edwin) at only 25 weeks and, even more unfortunately, had to lay him to rest two weeks later.  it was really, really hard.  the whole experience was one of those that, when it happens, you are your friends are left dumbfounded and only able to mutter, "this isn't supposed to happen to us".  as naive as that is - and believe me, i know it - things like this just are not supposed to. 

speaking of babies, cameron and i have decided to start trying for our own later this year.  he told me the only birthday present he wanted this year was for me to go off of my birth control pill.  how could i say no?  that birthday present is free and will save us monthly co-pays to boot!  my husband is so smart :P

however, i am a little nervous to have kids.  i know everyone says it's different with your own but, gah, they can be so bratty sometimes.  and, not to sound selfish, but i like my sleep!  i don't think i get enough of the stuff as it is . . . now i'm gonna go and have a kid so i can be awaken every two hours?  i know it'll be so worth it, but i really like my sleep!  okay, enough of petulant behavior via veruca salt.

haven't really kept up on my reading list.  in fact, just fnished the one i mentioned i was reading (Beautifl Boy).  one thing i have taken back up is my faith.  i drifed away from the church a few years ago and, with the help of an old friend, cam and i began going to church again.  not to sound preachy, but life really is better when your faith is intact - whoever your "higher power" is.  we go to a great chuch that offers not only great worship time, but also a pastor who really makes you understand the versus included in the sermon.  haven't experienced anything like this in a long, long time.  

well, friends, seems as though i've run out of things to talk about.  hope everyone is doing well . . . take care! 

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Christopher Goff
2009-05-29 03:02 pm (UTC)
long time

hey there...i just exported all my livejournal posts into my other blog and was reading thru the comments from years ago. how the heck have you been?

2009-05-29 11:22 pm (UTC)
Re: long time

holy balls! how have you been? i quickly skimmed through your latest rumblings and saw where you had gotten laid off - sorry for this. my company has gone through two (since november) and a third may be coming. i've been there for 5 years, but i'm not quite sure how many more cuts i can survive. scary times!

anywhoo . . . other than that, i've been pretty good. as my post implies, life has been pretty hectic. but, i wouldn't have it any other way. how have you been? fill me in on all the details!

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Christopher Goff
2009-06-04 11:18 pm (UTC)
Re: long time

I've been great! Ended up moving to Montana last year, best decision I've ever made. Currently I live with a roommate in Kalispell, MT and things are goin' well on that front. I work for a company that processes flood insurance claims and whatnot as one of their I.T. people. Fun times. How about you? What have you been up to?

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2009-06-19 03:08 am (UTC)
Re: long time

wow, montana. couldn't imagine... heard it's pretty up there, though ;)

i'm usually generally impressed with people who work in IT for a living. i thought i was going to major in it, took one semester's worth of classes, and ran. uhm... this is going to sound random, but did you know oysters can change their genders several times during their lifetime? heh. i'm watching good eats on the food network and that factoid just came across the screen. moving on...

my company just reduced everyone's income by 10% in a bid to save money and, ultimately, from more layoffs. as the ol' saying goes, it's time to start tightening the belt =/

well, take care and drop me a line every now and again. it was good talking to you :)

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2011-11-01 11:25 am (UTC)

Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic